Ben 10 Michael: Alien Force
Alien Force
Air Date April 15, 2004
Finish Date April 10, 2012
Episodes 46
Seasons 3
Movies 1
Games 3
Aliens 10
Watch Recalibrated Omnitrix

Ben 10 Michael: Alien Force is the series, revolving around 15-year-old Ben Tennyson Michael and, Gwen Tennyson Emma, 16- Year- old Kevin Levin Mikolay and 14-year-old Alan Allbright Cian Curran The main villain is Vilgax Darth Vader Mick


1. Swampfire
2. Echo Echo
3. Humungousaur
4. Jetray
5. Big Chill
6. Chromastone
7. Brainstorm
8. Spidermonkey
9. Goop
10. Alien X


Video GamesEdit


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