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Brainstorm OV

Brainstorm UA


Eatle statistics
Species Cerebrocrustacean
Homeworld Encephalonus IV
Voice Dee Baker (Alien Force)
Corey Burton (Omniverse)
Series of Origin Ben 10: Alien Force
Debut Pier Pressure
Brainstorm is Ben's Cerebrocrustacean alien



  • Alien Force: Brown crab with huge head and six stubby legs. Head splits in two to reveal pink brain. Arms end in claws. Wears a black and grey bracer around midsection. Has green eyes. The Omnitrix is on his midsection.
  • Omniverse: Similar to Alien Force. Wears green clothing on midsection, head, and crotch line. Has more whiskers on face. The Omnitrix is on his green belt.
  • Albedo Omniverse: Similar to Omniverse. Different shade of brown. Clothing is red. Has red eyes.


  • Brainstorm can fire lightning from his brain
  • Brainstorm is very intelligent


Total: 19 (17 by Ben)
Total Time: 13min49s/829s (13min21s/801s by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

Did not appear

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

S1E7 Pier Pressure - 1min13s
S1E8 What Are Little Girls Made Of? - 34s
S2E3 Good Copy, Bad Copy - 37s
S2E8 Voided x2 - 1min7s
S2E13 War of the Worlds: Part 2 - 1min7s
S3E2 Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2 - 1min1s
S3E3 Inferno - 23s
S3E7 Single Handed - 42s
Total: 9 (9 by Ben)
Total: 6min44s/404s (6min44s/404s by Ben)

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

S1E5 Escape From Aggregor - 1min8s
S1E8 Fused - 1min17s
S2E2 Eye of the Beholder - 1min12s
S3E3 Greetings From Techadon - 1min7s
S3E7 The Ultimate Sacrifice - 26s
S3E17 Night of the Living Nightmare (Albedo) - 4s
Total: 6 (5 by Ben)
Total Time: 5min14s/314s (5min10s/310s by Ben)

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

S2E5 Malefactor - 23s
S4E8 A Fistful of Brains (Albedo) - 24s
S6E3 The Vengers - 1min4s
S8E10 A New Dawn
Total: 4 (3 by Ben)
Total Time: 1min51s/111s (1min27s/87s by Ben)


Total: 2 (1 by Ben)
Total Panels: 7 (3 by Ben)

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

Double Trouble (Albedo) - 4 panels
Total: 1 (0 by Ben)
Total Panels: 4 (0 by Ben)

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

Parallel Paradox - 3 panels
Total: 1 (1 by Ben)
Total Panels: 3 (3 by Ben)

Video GamesEdit

  • Ben 10: Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks
  • Ben 10: Alien Force: The Rise of Hex

First LinesEdit

  • AF: "Eugh. I'm not Jetray. I'm a seafood platter!" - Pier Pressure
  • UA: "Ahh. A battle of brainpower, is it? I'm afraid you, sir, find yourself greatly outmatched." - Escape From Aggregor
  • OV: "Oh sure. NOW the Omnitrix gives me what I want." - Malefactor



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