Ditto OV II

Ditto OV I


Eatle statistics
Species Splixson
Homeworld Hathor
Voice Rob Paulsen
Series of Origin Ben 10
Debut Divided We Stand

Ditto is Ben's Splixson alien.



  • Ben 10: Short humanoid with white skin, three points on head, short legs, and green bulbs on shoulders. Wears a black sleeveless suit. Has green eyes. The Omnitrix is on his forehead.
  • Ultimate Alien: Similar to Ben 10. The Omnitrix is on his chest.
  • Omniverse Teen: Similar to Ben 10. The fins on his head are now green, and his suit is green with black sleeves. The bulbs on his shoulders are gone, replaced with cylinders on his arms. His fingers are more pointed. He has whiskers on both of his cheeks..
  • Omniverse Young: Similar to Omniverse Teen. The green on his suit is black and the fins on his head are white.


  • Ditto can create independent copies of himself


Total: 11 (10 by Ben)
Total Time: 19min13s/1153s (18min5s/1085s by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

S4E5 Divided We Stand x3 - 7min34s
S4E9 Ready to Rumble - 2min45s
S4E10 Ken 10 (Kenny) - 1min8s
Total: 5 (4 by Ben)
Total Time: 11min27s/687s (10min19s/619s by Ben)

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

Did not appear

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

Did not appear

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

S2E8 Ben Again (Young Teen Ben) - 32s
S4E3 O Mother, Where Art Thou? - 2min5s
S4E8 A Fistful of Brains - 4min6s
S5E5 Animo Crackers - 27s
S6E8 Universe Vs. Tennyson - 35s
S8E10 A New Dawn - 1s
Total: 6 (6 by Ben)
Total time: 7min46s/466s (7min46s/466s by Ben)


First LinesEdit

  • OS: "Another alien? Okay, so let's see what you can do!" - Divided We Stand
  • OV Teen: "Time to split!" - O Mother, Where Art Thou?
  • OV Young: "Ditto? Wow...I haven't used Ditto since...forever!" - Ben Again


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