Jetray UA


Eatle statistics
Species Aerophibian
Homeworld Aeropela
Voice Dee Bradley Baker
Greg Cipes (Kevin)
Series of Origin Ben 10: Alien Force
Debut Everybody Talks About the Weather
Jetray is Ben's second flight alien, second speed alien, twenty-fourth alien overall, fourth alien in Alien Force, and second alien in Ultimate Alien.



  • Alien Force: Ray-like humanoid with red skin and very long arms. Has a long tail , clawed digits, and two yellow horns. Has yellow skin flaps under his arms that can be used as wings. Has green eyes. The Omnitrix is on his chest.


  • Jetray can fly and swim extremely fast
  • Jetray can fire neuroshock blasts from his eyes or tail ability laser hyper nova tail nitrochage fusion


Total: 46 (43 by Ben)
Total Time: 24min25s/1465s (22min18s/1338s by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

Did not appear

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

S1E3 Everybody Talks About the Weather - 55s
S1E5 All That Glitters - 11s
S1E6 Max Out - 11s
S1E7 Pier Pressure - 1min19s
S1E8 What Are Little Girls Made Of? - 44s
S1E10 Paradox - 16s
S2E1 Darkstar Rising - 1s
S2E3 Good Copy, Bad Copy (Albedo) x2 - 52s
S2E3 Good Copy, Bad Copy - 23s
S2E4 Save the Last Dance - 1s
S2E6 Pet Project - 24s
S2E9 Inside Man - 1min9s
S2E10 Birds of a Feather - 9s
S2E12 War of the Worlds: Part 1 - 9s
S3E1 Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1 - 16s
S3E2 Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2 - 1min7s
S3E3 Inferno - 1min5s
S3E5 Simple - 8s
S3E6 Vreedle, Vreedle - 18s
S3E7 Single Handed - 31s
S3E8 If All Else Fails x2 - 4s
S3E11 Trade-Off - 5s
S3E16 The Secret of Chromastone - 36s
S3E19 The Final Battle: Part 1 x2 - 50s
S3E20 The Final Battle: Part 2 - 7s
Total: 28 (26 by Ben)
Total Time: 11min51s/711s (10min59s/659s by Ben)

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

S1E1 Fame - 41s
S1E4 Video Games x2 - 32s
S1E6 Too Hot to Handle - 47s
S1E7 Andreas' Fault - 1min45s
S1E8 Fused - 1min13s
S1E9 Hero Time - 11s
S1E14 Where the Magic Happens - 25s
S1E18 The Enemy of My Enemy - 9s
S2E2 Eye of the Beholder - 20s
S2E9 It's Not Easy Being Gwen - 5s
S2E10 Ben 10,000 Returns - 21s
S3E6 The Perfect Girlfriend - 15s
S3E9 The Mother of All Vreedles - 8s
S3E12 Inspector 13 (Kevin) - 1min15s
S3E14 Couples Retreat x2 - 58s
S3E16 The Eggman Cometh - 9s
Total: 18 (17 by Ben)
Total Time: 12min34s/754s (11min19s/679s)

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

Did not appear


Total: 3 (2 by Ben)
Total Panels: 17 (12 by Ben)

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

The New Order - 8 panels
Double Trouble (Albedo) - 5 panels
Double Trouble - 4 panels
Total: 3 (2 by Ben)
Total Panels: 17 (12 by Ben)

Video GamesEdit

  • Ben 10: Alien Force: The Game (Wii, PS2, PSP Only)
  • Ben 10: Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks
  • Ben 10: Alien Force: The Rise of Hex

First LinesEdit

  • AF: "Hey! Get off me!" - Everybody Talks About The Weather
  • UA: "Gotcha!" - Fame


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