Ultimate Swampfire

Ultimate Swampfire UA

Ultimate Swampfire

Eatle statistics
Species Evolved Methanosian
Homeworld None
Voice Dee Baker
Series of Origin Ben 10: Alien Force
Debut The Final Battle: Part 2
Ultimate Swampfire is Swampfire's evolved form.



  • Alien Force: Brown plant humanoid. Has four branches on top of torso. Has blue sacs on his back, arms, and face. Has green eyes. The Ultimatrix is on his chest.


  • Ultimate Swampfire can shoot fire
  • Ultimate Swampfire can create bombs
  • Ultimate Swampfire can control plants
  • Ultimate Swampfire is very durable
  • Ultimate Swampfire can regenerate


Total: 6 (6 by Ben)
Total Time: 4min40s/280s (4min40s/280s by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

Did not appear

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

S3E20 The Final Battle: Part 2 - 1min16s
Total: 1 (1 by Ben)
Total Time: 1min16s/76s (1min16s/76s by Ben)

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

S1E10 Ultimate Aggregor - 58s
S1E16 The Forge of Creation - 31s
S2E2 Eye of the Beholder - 49s
S2E4 The Big Story - 34s
S2E10 Ben 10,000 Returns - 32s
Total: 5 (5 by Ben)
Total Time: 3min24s/204s (3min24s/204s by Ben)

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

Did not appear

Video GamesEdit

  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

First LinesEdit

  • AF: "What do you say, Vilgy? Round 2?" - The Final Battle: Part 2
  • UA: "At the rate we're going, we'll be inside before Aggregor even knows we're here!" - Ultimate Aggregor



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