Upgrade OV I

Upgrade OV II

Upgrade HU


Eatle statistics
Species Galvanic Mechamorph
Homeworld Galvan B
Voice Tara Strong (Ben 10, Omniverse Young)
Yuri Lowenthal (Ultimate Alien, Omniverse Teen)
Paul Eiding (Max)
Series of Origin Ben 10
Debut Permanent Retirement
Upgrade is bakugan ventus of Ben'


  • Ben 10: Blobular humanoid with long arms, large hands, short legs, and no feet. Has a round head with a single green eye. Head and arms are black and covered with green circuit patterns. Chest is white. The Omnitrix is on his chest.
  • Ultimate Alien: Similar to Ben 10. Chest is green with black circuit patterns.
  • Omniverse Teen: Similar to Ultimate Alien. The Omnitrix is inside of his eye.
  • Omniverse Young: Similar to Ben 10.
  • Ben 23: Similar to Omniverse Young. White and green parts are blue.


  • Upgrade can merge with technology and upgrade it
  • Upgrade can fire a laser from his eye ability nanotechnology ray gamma circuit electro unloader hyper ray plasma shield biomechanical ability fuison shield electro


Total: 34 (31 by Ben)
Total Time: 35min38s/2138s (33min1s/1981s by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

S1E4 Permanent Retirement - 38s
S1E6 Tourist Trap - 1min32s
S1E8 The Alliance - 2min11s
S1E9 Last Laugh - 1min7s
S1E12 Side Effects - 1min13s
S1E13 Secrets x2 - 1min19s
S2E2 Big Tick - 1s
S2E4 Gwen 10 (Max) - 47s
S2E5 Grudge Match - 1min21s
S2E10 They Lurk Below - 21s
S2E13 Back With A Vengeance - 8s
S3E1 Ben 10,000 - 21s
S3E2 Midnight Madness - 2min5s
S3E6 Game Over x2 - 3min48s
S3E8 Under Wraps - 39s
S3E12 Be Afraid of The Dark - 1min19s
S4E5 Divided We Stand - 1min9s
S4E8 Ben 4 Good Buddy - 1min23s
Radio Dazed - 23s
Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens x2 - 2min47s
Ben 10: Road Trip Rumble - 31s
Total: 24 (23 by Ben)
Total Time: 25min3s/1503s (24min16s/1456s by Ben)

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

Did not appear

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United - 2min4s
Total: 1 (1 by Ben)
Total Time: 2min4s/124s (2min4s/124s by Ben)

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

S4E6 OTTO Motives - 2min8s
S5E1 Something Zombozo This Way Comes - 1min14s
S5E5 Animo Crackers - 8s
S7E7 The Color of Monkey - 1min35s
S7E9 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1 (Ben 23, Techno-Bubble) - 1min29s
S7E10 It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2 (Ben 23, Techno-Bubble) - 21s
S8E1 From Hedorium to Eternity (Young Ben) - 48s
S8E6 The Final Countdown - 47s
S8E10 A New Dawn - 1s
Total: 9 (7 by Ben)
Total Time: 8min31s/511s (6min41s/401s by Ben)


Total: 6 (6 by Ben)
Total Panels: 41 (41 by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

Fast Lane - 13 panels
A Villain A Day - 8 panels
Techno Zombies - 7 panels
Space Camp And Beyond - 5 panels
Greasy Lightning - 6 panels
Swimming With Sharks - 2 panels
Total: 6 (6 by Ben)
Total Panels: 41 (41 by Ben)

First LinesEdit

  • OS: "Your cash request has been denied!" - Permanent Retirement
  • UA: "Build something" - Heroes United
  • OV Teen: "How about an upgrade?" - OTTO Motives
  • OV Young: "Figure out how to shut down that evil smoke-creating thingy, and the portal, while I kick some Ectonurite butt!" - From Hedorium to Eternity


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