Wildvine OV I

Wildvine OV II


Eatle statistics
Species Florauna
Homeworld Flors Verdance
Voice Jim Ward (Ben 10)
Dee Baker (Omniverse)
Series of Origin Ben 10
Debut Camp Fear
Wildvine is Ben's Florauna form.



  • Ben 10: Green plant humanoid with five vines for legs. Has a venus fly-trap around his neck. Has two blue bulbs on his shoulders, long arms, and a light green chest. Has one blue eye. The Omnitrix is on his chest.
  • Ultimate Alien: Similar to Ben 10. Skin is darker green. Has green eye.
  • Omniverse Teen: Similar to Ben 10. Has green eye, four legs and no bulbs on shoulders. The Omnitrix is on a green belt.
  • Omniverse Young: Similar to Omniverse Teen. The Omnitrix is on his chest.
  • Albedo: Similar to Omniverse Teen. Greens are duller. Belt is red. Has red eye.
  • Gwen 10: Similar to Omniverse Young. Has boobs and light green hair. Legs are light green. Has purple eye. The Omnitrix is on her waist.


  • Wildvine can stretch his limbs
  • Wildvine can control plants
  • Wildvine can throw explosive fruit
  • Wildvine can survive without oxygen


Total: 25 (20 by Ben)
Total Time: 23min58s/1438s (21min45s/1305s by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

S2E7 Camp Fear - 1min50s
S2E9 Tough Luck - 1min48s
S2E13 Back With A Vengeance x3 - 13s
S3E2 Midnight Madness - 2min16s
S3E5 Benwolf - 47s
S3E7 Super Alien Hero Buddy Adventures! - 4min14s
S3E8 Under Wraps - 7s
S3E13 The Visitor - 2s
S4E10 Ken 10 (Kenny) - 10s
S4E13 Goodbye and Good Riddance - 35s
Total: 12 (11 by Ben)
Total Time: 12min2s/722s (11min52s/712s by Ben)

Ben 10: Alien ForceEdit

Did not appear

Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

Did not appear

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

S2E1 Outbreak - 28s
S2E8 Ben Again (Young Teen Ben) - 24s
S3E10 Evil's Encore (young Ben) - 2min5s
S4E7 The Ultimate Heist (Albedo) x2 - 28s
S5E6 Rad Monster Party - 49s
S6E1 And Then There Were None (Gwen 10) - 9s
S6E2 And Then There Was Ben (Gwen 10) - 48s
S7E2 Rook Tales - 13s
S7E6 Breakpoint x3 - 6min31s
S8E10 A New Dawn - 1s
Total: 13 (9 by Ben)
Total Time: 11min56s/716s (10min31s/631s by Ben)


Total: 2 (2 by Ben)
Total Panels: 15 (15 by Ben)

Ben 10Edit

Special Defects - 10 panels
Dora Flora - 5 panels
Total: 2 (2 by Ben)
Total Panels: 15 (15 by Ben)

Video GamesEdit

  • Ben 10: Protector of Earth
  • Ben 10: Omniverse: The Game (Wii/Wii U/360/PS3 only)

First LinesEdit

  • OS: "Beats me. I've never went him before." - Camp Fear
  • OV Teen: "You're always saying we should spar more often!" - Outbreak
  • OV Young: "Well, duh. Then Wildvine's gonna take it back!" - Ben Again


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